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Hosted by Mycelia Jane - Creator of Gnosis

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This is for purpose seeking people on a mission to level up their life & reclaim their authenticity.

What to expect...

Alchemy Unveiled

Understand parallels between alchemical processes and personal transformation, how challenges can be seen as raw materials for growth.

Integrating Shadows

Practical techniques for confronting, transmuting and integrating shadow qualities.

Purpose as Catalyst

Identify core values and passions and understanding the importance of purpose and how it drives transformation.

Q+A & Special Offer

Open floor for questions & Program Information and how to stay involved. 

About Mycelia Jane

Artist, Alchemist, Space Holder and Life Coach; I am devoted to a path of purpose, meaning and connection. I work directly with people to achieve their goals, embody their wholeness and transform their pain into purpose. When i'm not coaching, you can find me creating artwork and talismanic treasures, hosting connective events & gatherings and reading my current book or watching harry potter!

Nicole Melnarowicz

 It was through her wonderful coaching and gentle guidance that I was able to gain a deeper connection with myself. Mycelia’s tools and techniques have opened the door for me to grow immensely, communicate better, and find guidance within myself to set and conquer realistic goals. I’ve rediscovered my strengths and now have the confidence to implement them into my everyday life.

Gianna Mazenko

Mycelia opened up her space for me to let my walls down & allow my authentic self to flow through.Mycelia helped guide me to releasing old stories that were no longer me, while making space for more of me to enter. Overall, Mycelia's guidance helped me to form a more clear direction & a better routine guiding me towards my highest potential.

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Alchemy of You
Hosted by Mycelia Jane - Creator of Gnosis

We won't spam. Unsubscribe at anytime.