Gnow Thyself

An Alchemical Masterclass

Tune in for a high power masterclass that focuses on our energetic blueprint + the essence of living life through an alchemical lens. This webinar is curated to inspire the transformer within to lead with confidence and self understanding. 


Learn how to tune into your unique energetic frequency and harness its power to navigate life with clarity and purpose.


Discover alchemical techniques to transmute fear into fuel for growth and liberation, empowering you to break free from limitations and step into your authentic power.


Explore the alchemy of wealth and abundance, tapping into the infinite resources of the universe to manifest prosperity and financial freedom.


Cultivate sovereignty and self-mastery as you reclaim your power and autonomy, forging your own path with confidence and authority.

Meet Your Mentor

Greetings, I'm Mycelia Jane, a dedicated life coach and transformational mentor. With a passion for guiding individuals on their unique journey of personal development, I specialize in providing comprehensive support to help you face obstacles like a badass and pave a new way forward rooted in purposeful impact.

My goal is to assist you in realizing your full potential by addressing barriers and providing practical tools. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth together.

"I have been walking through an alchemical process with Mycelia that has brought me closer to the truth of who I really am. While working together, I am growing an understanding of how to walk through this journey of life with grace and gratitude. "
-Jess U. 

"Our coaching sessions has dramatically improved my confidence, motivation, and overall sense of well being. Your approach to coaching is very impressive as you properly assess my current situation as a whole and break it down effectively."
-Jeff F.