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Hosted by Mycelia Jane 

Creator of Gnosis Coaching Academy 

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This is for the those who are ready to break free from toxic cycles and cultivate healthy, fulfilling relationships.

What's included...

Intro into Attachment Theory

Gain a foundational understanding of attachment theory and its significance in interpersonal relationships during the introductory session.

Exploration of Attachment Styles

Explore the intricacies of attachment styles, unraveling how individuals connect and relate to others in diverse ways.

Intro into the HEART model

Dive into the Heart Model, receiving an introduction to its core principles and insights into fostering deeper connections.

Practical Tips & Resources

Acquire practical tips and access valuable resources to apply attachment theory concepts in real-life scenarios, enhancing your relational dynamics.

"My feelings and experiences feel very validated"


"This helped me feel less alone. Sometimes I think I’m the only one who struggles with some of these things and this was so helpful"

- Trisha Harris

"Thank you so much for this knowledge packed session. Excellent presentation! This was a beautiful offering đź’–"

- Danielle Johnson

Meet Mycelia Jane

Greetings, I'm Mycelia Jane, a dedicated life coach and transformational mentor. With a passion for guiding individuals on their unique journey of personal development, I specialize in providing comprehensive support to help you face obstacles like a badass and pave a new way forward rooted in purposeful impact.

My goal is to assist you in realizing your full potential by addressing barriers and providing practical tools. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth together.

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Hosted by Mycelia Jane
Creator of Gnosis Coaching Academy 

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